Friday, June 8, 2018

Day 3088

I kind of miss paper. I had to sign some documents today and it took forever. The sender had to scan the documents and turn them into a PDF file. I had to download the file and print it out so I could sign everything. Then I had to scan the signed documents so I could turn them back into a PDF file again. It kind of makes me miss the days when the FedEx man used to deliver these type of things.

My Friday morning breakfast tradition is hanging by a thread. I'm not that hungry anymore and am running out of interesting places to eat. The only reason I went out this morning is that I'd run out of the fresh fruit I use to make my morning smoothie. I need to alter the recipe for my smoothie too. My original recipe makes way too much. Like I said, I'm not that hungry anymore.

Dash and I got an early start on our morning walk so we could beat the heat. This usually works pretty well as long as we leave around sunrise. It's amazing how quickly things warm up once the sun clears the top of the trees. The temperature can go from 80 to 90 in less than an hour. Dash still likes his walks, but we're going to have to curtail things soon. Summer heat and a dog with a weak heart aren't a good combination. Dash and I will both be looking forward to those rare cooler days.

I've been trying to get hold of the landscaper to tell him about the dead grass. Not surprisingly, I haven't had much luck. It's going to be an uphill battle to get the roofer and the landscaper out here again. I've noticed that when you want something from somebody, they tend to disappear. When they want something from you, it's an entirely different story. The galleries and auction houses have been super cooperative with me this week because they want something from me. I think the roofer and the landscaper just want me to go away.

After I watched the latest episode of The Expanse, I got curious about what happens next and learned that there is enough material in the James S. A. Corey books that the series was adapted from to extend the series for ten seasons. The books go on and on. Maybe I should read the books. Whenever I see a movie that has been adapted from a book, I almost always like the book better.

I'm getting closer to parting with the art I've been considering selling. I've been wondering what to hang on the empty walls and then I remembered that I have lots of pictures of dogs. I'll fill the house with dog pictures. Dogs have more meaning to me anyway.

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