Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Day 3093

The dog days of Summer are here. It's hot. It's humid. It's hard to concentrate on anything. I drifted through the day, trying to focus on little things. I got some blueberries at the grocery store. I took some shoes to the shoe repair guy to see if they could be repaired. I looked for some more Shoe Goo so I could keep fixing Dash's protective boots, but the hardware store was out of stock. I did remember to set the DVR to record The Expanse this evening, but I probably won't watch it until tomorrow. Even though it was very hot, Dash still wanted his walks. Our morning walk was fine, but we waited until after sunset to venture outside again. We took it slow and Dash did fine. There was a light breeze and the 95 degree temperature didn't feel that bad.

I wrote another letter to my sister today, but I'm not expecting anything in return. The last time she wrote, she told me that her condition was getting worse and she didn't feel up to talking anymore. I was hoping that the clinical trial she was in would help, but it doesn't appear to be working. Cancer definitely sucks.

The more I talk to these auction people, the more it seems like the auction business might be an interesting line of work. There are all these energetic young people who have a wealth of knowledge about stuff. Some are experts in photography. Others are experts in rare book, coins, and even comic books. I learned today that people even collect manual typewriters. I know a lot about stuff too, but I've never put my knowledge to good use. The fun thing about collecting is sharing esoteric knowledge with like minded people. I always enjoyed it when watch aficionado friends could instantly recognize a weird watch, just from seeing it on my wrist. When I lost contact with the watch collectors, train buffs, and art mavens, my interest in stuff seemed to vanish overnight.

This would have been the perfect week to fix the roof. It's been hot and dry for quite a while now. Unfortunately, rain is on the way. The long range forecast says we might be looking at a full week of rain starting sometime next week. If only I could get the roofer and the landscaper to come out to the house tomorrow. If the dead grass was replaced now, the rain might help it grow. If the roof was fixed now, I wouldn't have to worry about a new water leak next week. This is all just a fantasy though. I obviously have very little influence on repair people. They come and go as they please.

Tonight was supposed to be a good night to see Mercury on the Western horizon. I noticed that there were clouds on the horizon when we took Dash on his sunset walk, so I didn't even bother to go down to the lake and look for the planet. I can't even see the horizon from the house. There are way too many trees. If I had a bucket list, living in a place with clear, dark night skies would definitely be on it. You can't even see the Milky Way in Dallas. I have seen Mercury though. Occasionally, I get lucky.

I just got new socks last week and I've already lost a pair. Why are socks so easy to lose in the wash? It's one of life's great mysteries.

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