Saturday, July 7, 2018

Day 3117

I couldn't figure out why I was having trouble getting gas this morning. The pump would accept my credit card and tell me that it was ready to start pumping, but no gas would come out. I tried three different pumps and I couldn't get any gas out of any of them. The strange thing was that other people were filling their cars normally. I seemed to be the only one who was having a problem. I went over and talked to the manager, who didn't know anything but said he'd talk to another employee. The second employee said "Oh, we're out of Premium today." Jeez. Would it have been that hard to put a sign on the pump? It would seem like the pump itself would show some kind of indication that it was empty. Nope. The pump preferred to run up a zero dollar credit card transaction. Needless to say, I got gas somewhere else.

The lake is starting to look a little low. This is usually one of the first signs that we are having a drought. The city has also started to mow all the areas they have designated as "native prairie" in the park. I'm pretty sure this is to reduce the danger of brush fires. Actually, the area looks a lot nicer now. The native prairie grasses have been overrun by Johnson Grass in recent years. The fields and meadows that used to be pretty, now just look like acres and acres of weeds.

Even though things are becoming ominously dry, I still have mixed feelings about rain. The roof isn't fixed yet. The roofers keep saying they are coming over "soon," but soon might mean Christmas to them. I'm tempted to go buy some of the elastomer material and patch the damaged areas myself. The last time I tried this, it didn't work out so well. Some of my patches are already starting to delaminate. Something needs to be done, but I still think this mess is the roofers responsibility.

Now that I've fixed the crack in the wall, I'm tempted to fix the ceiling. There's been damaged sheetrock in the living room for years, but I hate to go to the trouble of fixing it if the roof is still going to leak. I've got all the materials now and I could probably fix the area in an afternoon, but this would almost guarantee that there would be a giant rainstorm and the roof would start leaking again. It's easier to just ignore things for a while longer and hope the roofers eventually do what they've promised.

Dash pooped on the bed last night. I don't think he even woke up. I was thinking that we were getting a handle on his digestive problems, but maybe not. There doesn't appear to be blood in his stools anymore, but I sure wish that the poop would stay outdoors. Incontinence is just a fact of life with old dogs. I don't think I'm going to stop cleaning up poop any time soon.

It's hard to get motivated when the temperature is so hot. All I really wanted to do today was take a nap. Dash makes this easy, since he sleeps most of the time anyway. I used to think that I wasn't getting nearly enough sleep. If I start counting naps though, I'm probably doing just fine.

It's supposed to rain tomorrow. Will this be enough to prevent me from going to the gym? It won't take much. I'm not feeling very energetic this week.

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