Sunday, August 5, 2018

Day 3146

If I kept this busy every day I'd be in great shape. I had 10,000 steps on the Fitbit before noon. We started out with a nice sunrise walk. It's amazing how much the temperature can vary in a single day. It was in the low seventies when we woke up and back around one hundred by dinner time. Since the weather was cool, I mowed the grass in the front yard right after breakfast. I'm going to have to buy a new battery for the mower. It won't hold a full charge anymore. I barely got the yard finished before the mower went dead. It feels like I'm always replacing batteries.

Mowing was tiring, but I went to the gym anyway. I still feel guilty for not going three times a week, so I try my best not to miss Sunday. I wasn't very good on the basketball court today. My coordination seems to come and go. I'm sure that mowing the grass before my workout didn't help. My heart rate was a bit more elevated today. Maybe that's a good thing. I think your heart rate is supposed to be elevated when you work out.

Dash is getting very picky about his food again. He even turned up his nose at his usual breakfast of a fresh chicken breast. In an effort to keep him eating, Janet decided to start cooking for him again. The recipe she picked smelled really good. It was chicken and rice with vegetables. The dish was made with no seasoning and should be very healthy for Dash. If Dash won't eat this, I'll just add a little salt and pepper and eat it myself. Dash tried the recipe for supper and liked it. Janet made quite a bit, so I hope he doesn't change his mind during the week.

I looked at the vintage guitar website today and one of the guitars I consigned was gone. I hope this means that the guitar sold over the weekend. If so, this would be very good news. The guys initially told me that it could take at least six months for the guitars to sell. It hasn't been nearly that long yet. I wish that everything in the office was as desirable as the guitars and model trains. I'd really like to clear this place out. It's going to be really hard to throw some of this obsolete stuff away, but it may come to that.

I watched the Great British Baking Show again this afternoon. I'm fascinated by baking, but bread isn't good for me. It's kind of become a forbidden pleasure. Unfortunately flour converts into glucose rather quickly in the body and I've got to watch my blood sugar. The contestants made crackers and ginger bread houses today. I had no idea that crackers could be so difficult.

Another uneventful week begins tomorrow. I hope the mornings continue to stay cool. It's amazing what a difference the cooler weather makes with Dash. He's enjoying being outside again. Evening walks are another story, but at least he gets one good walk a day.

It's a good thing that I have a high tolerance for boredom. I miss having interesting website problems to solve, but I don't miss having clients. Keeping clients happy was always a nuisance. It's interesting that I'm making almost the same thing selling model trains as I was designing websites. I don't know if this means the trains were more valuable than I thought or the websites were less valuable than I thought.

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