Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Day 3177

It was hard to avoid congressional hearings today. As I flipped between channels while I was eating breakfast, I came to the conclusion that the Internet was going to get regulated and Judge Kavanaugh was going to get confirmed. It's a shame that the Internet became monetized. Money ruined it. I wish we could go back to the early 1990's when going online was about as popular as amateur radio. Who needs Facebook and Twitter? When I first discovered the Internet, it was a sparsely populated wilderness. There were no hackers and no fake news. The only people I ever ran into were a few like minded geeks. I would gladly ditch my fiber optic connection and go back to a 2800 baud dial up modem if we could return to those days.

Going back to the past has become a recurring theme with me. After a while I tired of the congressional hearings and flipped over to an oldies channel so I could watch ancient TV Westerns. Did you know that Gene Roddenberry and Sam Peckinpah started their careers writing for shows like Have Gun, Will Travel and The Rifleman? Some of these old shows are surprisingly good. They are all simple morality plays, but so was The Twilight Zone. Maybe that's what I miss in today's world. There is no morality at all.

I cashed the check from the Federal Trade Commission today. Usually I deposit even very small checks, but I just took the cash on this one. I was still a bit suspicious about the whole thing. I didn't see any sense in giving another government agency my bank account number. Rationally, I realized that this kind of thinking was pure silliness. If the government knows that I bought three light bulbs over five years ago, they probably know everything. Let's face it. Privacy doesn't exist anymore.

Dash didn't need to go outside last night, but that doesn't mean that I got a good night's sleep. Dash had some pretty serious dog dreams and kept trying to push me off the bed. I'm glad he can still run in his dreams. He certainly can't run in real life. All the thrashing around woke me up three times. I've just about given up on ever getting a good night's sleep. I don't think I'm seriously sleep deprived though because I've started napping during the day.

When I wasn't napping, I made some changes to an animal rescue website. This was the first time I'd done any website work in almost a month. I didn't make any money, but it was nice to know that I hadn't forgotten everything. I still maintain a few sites, but I doubt that I'll ever develop a new one again. Who wants to hire a seventy year old Luddite? Jeez. I've even lost interest in keeping my own website up to date.

Hey, I'm still interested in astronomy and photography. Maybe it's just reading a quick article on Google, but I still try to learn something new almost every day. I'd like to try and combine these avocations if we ever live someplace with dark skies. Until then, I'll continue drinking fruit smoothies and cleaning up dog poop.

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