Saturday, September 8, 2018

Day 3180

The weather was dismal today. We got up early and managed to get Dash walked before the rain started, but it was pretty wet after that. Since there was no thunder and lightning, we though it would be safe to leave Dash for a while to go photograph the new rescue dogs. That plan didn't turn out so well. There must have been a wreck on the freeway because traffic slowed to a standstill. Then the rain got heavier and we could barely see the road. It didn't take long to decide to take the nearest exit and return home. We can photograph the dogs another time.

Dash was still sleeping when we returned. I wish I could sleep as easily as he can. I had to get up several times last night to attend to Dash and I'm still tired. I tried to take a nap, but couldn't get to sleep. I had planned to stay home until the rain stopped, but after a few hours of doing nothing I got cabin fever and decided to do my Saturday shopping anyway. There must be a lot of water on the roof because it was flowing off the edges on all four sides when I left the house. At least the pump was still working. The pump should take care of the water on the carport. I'll deal with the rest later. One thing about a heavy rain is that your car doesn't get dirty. Driving is kind of like going through a car wash. When I returned from grocery shopping, the car was  actually cleaner than when I left.

I like listening to the radio in the car. I never listen to music. I like shows like Freakonomics Radio, The TED Radio Hour, How I Built This, Hidden Brain, and similar shows about science, technology, and economics. Most of these shows seem to be on NPR. I always learn something new and my favorite shows are when someone disproves something I've believed all my life. Why aren't there shows like this on television? Television is a wasteland.

It was a very slow day. Since there wasn't anything interesting on television, I found myself looking through the auction catalog I saw yesterday for the first time. It was interesting to read about the other art that was in the auction with mine. For a brief moment I wished I was a buyer instead of a seller. I did enjoy buying art when I was young. I wonder how the auction house acquired all this stuff. Some of the work was spectacular. I bet a lot of it came from estates. I've noticed that the large art auction houses have entire departments to deal with estates.

It is so humid today that the house feels damp even with the dehumidifier running. I wonder what it would be like to live in a house that was always dry and dust free? I'll probably never know. There is so much dog hair in the house that doing a load of wash just moves the dog hair from one article of clothing to another. Janet cleaned the floors today and I did the laundry. By tomorrow everything will be dirty again.

I hope the weather clears up tomorrow. I'll go to the gym either way, but I think the day would be more enjoyable if I woke up looking at blue sky.

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