Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Day 3204

My memory is shot. I was slowly plodding through my regular morning routine when I got a reminder notice on my phone saying that I had a dental appointment in one hour. Damn. I completely forgot, even though the appointment had been on my calendar for weeks. I hadn't finished breakfast, hadn't taken a shower, and still had to take Dash outside to pee, but I knew I'd better leave immediately. I've had doctors and veterinarians for clients and I know how much they hate for someone to cancel an appointment at the last minute.

I almost never make an appointment before 11 AM, but apparently that is still too early. It's amazing how long it takes to do nothing when you've got a sick dog. I made it to the dentist's office with a few minutes to spare. Luckily, traffic was light today. My teeth looked good, and after a routine cleaning, I made another appointment for six months from now. I bet I'll forget that one too.

I didn't think Facebook could get worse, but it has. Now, it you like something or use one of those other emojis, you can't see who else liked the same thing. I wonder what this is all about. You can still see who liked a paid business post by hovering your mouse over the little blue hand, but friends likes are hidden. You can't even see who liked your own posts. This probably has something to do with privacy. Facebook is paranoid about privacy after all the problems they've had. It's too bad they keep making their platform worse.

Dash gave us a scare last night. He had another vestibular seizure and appeared brain dead for a while. He just wandered around aimlessly for almost an hour. He would go out the back door and just stand on the porch, staring vacantly at the sky. Then he would come in and go to the kitchen, where he would stand by his food bowl. He wouldn't eat anything though. I tried everything. He wouldn't pee when he went outside and he wouldn't eat when he went to the kitchen. He refused to go back to the bedroom and for the most part, just appeared dazed and confused. When he was standing in place, he would shake and drool a lot. Usually vertigo causes this. If Dash stood in one place too long, his rear legs would start to sink. Eventually eventually we convinced him to come back to the bedroom, where he immediately went to sleep.

This morning, Dash was fine. That's the way vestibular disease operates. Something periodically triggers these episodes and after hours of worrying that your dog might die, the symptoms subside and everything is fine. Vestibular seizures aren't nearly as violent as epileptic seizures, but they last a lot longer. So far, we've been lucky that episodes like last night don't happen all that often.

I got a call from the audio repair shop with an estimate for fixing my synthesizers. The estimate seemed high, but there were three synthesizers, so I told them to go ahead. I wanted the guy to assure me that the synthesizers would be good as new once the repairs were made. Nope. This was stage one. When the power supplies and certain capacitors had been repaired, they would move on to stage two. By the time these things are fixed, I won't make a dime by selling them. It's pretty much the same story with the large lithograph I had restored. I'll have to add "don't ever keep your stuff in a storage warehouse" to my long-time admonition to never buy a house with a flat roof.

Oh, well. Tomorrow's a new day. It will probably be full of surprises. Most days are.

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