Sunday, October 14, 2018

Day 3216

The roof has quit leaking. The little circus in the park is trying to move their tent to higher ground. It's time to regroup and start over. I guess that's what weekends are for.

There was still some rain today, but the showers were light and didn't do any damage. Dash did a little bit of damage by pooping in the bed again, but it was our fault for sleeping in. These accidents tend to happen on weekends more often. I should have gotten up at 5 AM and taken him outside like I do on weekdays. I was asleep though. Without an alarm in the morning, I am always asleep.

I cleaned up the mess, put Dash's blankets in the laundry, and took him on a walk. Almost immediately, a small loose dog in a neighbor's yard scared him and we returned to the house. I got Janet to help me convince him that everything was OK, and off we went again. We took a different route and encountered no dogs this time.

After breakfast, I went to the gym, stopping to check out an REI sale on the way. I like high quality outdoor gear, but I need nothing. After wandering around the store for ten minutes, I bought two pair of socks. I don't even need socks.

The gym seems to have done a better job of solving their roof leak problem than I have. Even though there was a tremendous amount of rain yesterday, there was no sign of a leak when I arrived this morning. I wonder if I'll ever manage to go to the gym more than once a week? Even though other people seem to have no problem going daily, I just can't seem to find the time. Maybe I'm doing just fine. Very few people spend more time outdoors walking their dog. Even though Dash is very slow now, it's still good exercise for both of us.

I finally received a letter from NASA saying that they had postponed their event in Houston. That's good. Maybe when the event is rescheduled, I'll still make the cut. Of all the ways I can waste my time during retirement, becoming a space groupie and traveling to launches and events still seems like a good idea to me. I'm still hoping to get selected for once of these events.

I might like to visit old railroads too. I watched a show about scenic railroads on PBS this afternoon and it reminded me that I still like trains. I've traveled across the country several times on a train and the trips still bring back pleasant memories. I can't recall a single pleasant memory associated with flying.

There is still lots of rain in the forecast for next week. Enough already. I can't even remove the buckets from the living room floor until this rainy spell is over. There's another big auction in New York next week. I hope my art will do well. Maybe watching the auction online will help alleviate the cabin fever I get on rainy days. One way or another, we'll get through the week. I just want to see blue sky again.

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