Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Day 3275

It is supposed to rain tomorrow. With this in mind, I went to the hardware store to find a temporary solution to my roof problem. I came home with duct tape and a roll of plastic shelf liner. This pathetic attempt to cover the tear where I think the water is getting in was all I could think of. None of the readily available wet patch materials I found at at Lowes and Home Depot will stick to silicone. Actually, virtually nothing will stick to silicone, including duct tape.

Oh, well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I went ahead and cut a 24" plastic square, placed it over the torn elastomer, and duct taped around the edges. This repair doesn't have to last long, so maybe it might work. On the other hand, the patch might just float away in the rain and I'll have to start placing buckets under the leaks in the living room again. I'm not even sure that the torn area on the roof is what is causing the leak. We'll see. It would have been nice of the roofers had dropped off some of the silicone elastomer coating material they promised, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. Sometime next Spring, there will be a can of this stuff on my doorstep, but it isn't going to help me now.

Dash successfully made it through the night without any accidents. This didn't help me sleep, unfortunately. I'm gun shy now and every move Dash makes wakes me up. All he wanted to do last night was twirl around and reposition himself, but I was ready to jump up and head for the back door if necessary. I think the addition of the large plastic sheet between Dash's dog blanket and our own bedding is going to work, but it makes the whole process of getting ready for bed even more complicated.

Even my morning smoothie is giving me heartburn now. Since strawberries and blueberries don't tend to cause reflux problems, I suspect that it is stress rather than food that is causing my problems. Once, a previous doctor asked me what was was causing my stress and I explained my complicated daily routine with Dot. He suggested that it might be time to put Dot down. I changed doctors.

I watched the latest episode of Mars this afternoon. As a science fiction fan, I feel cheated watching this show. The series is well produced, but the story about a 2043 Mars colony is almost an afterthought. The real message of the show is a politically correct sermon about greedy corporations, corrupt politicians, and the dangers of global warming. I'm sure much of what they say is true, but I'm just looking for a little mindless entertainment. It's going to be a long time before season four of The Expanse makes it's debut on Amazon Prime.

I'm not sure if Dash is going to get a walk tomorrow. According to the weather forecast, the rain is supposed to start tonight. Hopefully, the forecast isn't accurate. Dash does so much better after he's had his walk. We'll see what happens. I always go to bed optimistic, but I usually just wake up tired.

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