Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Day 3330

I spent the day trying to come up with a plan B for Dash. The dog can barely move, but he certainly hasn't given up. I've seen dogs go downhill very quickly when they become immobile so Janet and I were determined to give him some options. Dogs can become depressed as easily as humans. As long as we can keep Dash happy and engaged, I think he's still got some quality time.

The first step was making sure that his new Help 'Em Up Harness was adjusted correctly. It's surprisingly difficult to get all the adjustable straps the correct length when your dog keeps wanting to lie down. A properly fitted harness can make a big difference. After he'd had a long nap I started practicing walking Dash around the house with the harness. It took a while, but Dash eventually started to get the hang of things. With just the right amount of support, he began moving his rear legs again.

Janet found some extra light weight boots and after another nap, we thought we'd try a short walk. We didn't walk far, but things went better than I expected. Dash loves smelling things in the park and I could tell he was eager to walk. You have to move slowly and carefully, always making sure that his rear legs are moving along with the font ones. Dash's rear legs also have a tendency to become crisscrossed. The lightweight boots seemed to make it a little easier for Dash to move, but we'll have to replace them after almost every walk. One of the boots had a hole in the toe after a single walk. Dash's paws didn't bleed though, so this just might work.

I'm still considering water therapy, but given a choice, I'm sure that Dash would much rather smell things in the park. Dash hates water and doesn't like riding in the car, so if we can figure out how to keep him walking, he's going to be a happier dog. Knowing when to quit is critical. It's important to keep Dash moving, but it is equally important that he doesn't become exhausted. We'll have good days and bad days, but considering that yesterday I thought that he might never walk again, today was pretty good.

My first batch of auctions has concluded. I received my final payment today. One thing I learned is that it is impossible to predict what is going to be popular fifty years in the future. I never bought art as an investment. I just bought things that made me happy. A lot of these things ended up being practically worthless, but a few pieces became desirable. Back in the day, I never would have guessed what the people of 2019 would be wanting. I wish I'd bought more art back in the 1970's, but of course I had no money back then. That's always the way it works.

Thanks to my Facebook friends for suggesting a decongestant that doesn't make me feel horrible. The runny nose hasn't stopped entirely, but it is much better. For the record, Allegra seems to work a lot better than Sudafed.

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