Sunday, March 10, 2019

Day 3363

I set up an Uber account today. I'll have to admit that there are a lot of things I like about this new form of travel. You don't pay with cash for starters. You also get an accurate estimate of what the charges will be before you even get in the car. If the price seems too high, you don't have to ask for the ride. I would imagine that all this would be welcome news to anyone who has spent a lot of time in cabs. I have lots of memories of riding in cabs in a strange city and watching the meter go higher and higher, not really knowing where my destination actually was. The Uber system removes some of this uncertainty. We'll have to see how well this works in real life. I've never used Uber before. I've never used Lyft either.

There's a reason I'm somewhat unfamiliar with ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft. I don't really go anywhere. I spend more time walking than driving these days. If Dash is feeling good and the weather is cooperating, we take two walks each day. Dash is very slow and likes to smell things, so these walks can take a while. For the past several days, Dash has been taking a longer route than usual. Sometimes he overdoes it, but usually longer walks are a good sign. We had a long walk this morning. Maybe that's why his outer boot tore. Without the outer rubber boot for protection, the middle layer sock got ripped as well. Luckily the inner fitted bandage was unharmed and there was no bleeding or damage to his paws. I hate when there's a problem with the boots when we're on the road. Boot or no boot, we've still got to get home. I may need to start carrying a spare pair of outer boots with me.

I've noticed that my gym is offering more classes this Spring. Janet loves classes. Maybe I should take a class as well. Perhaps a more structured setting would help me reach my goals. Oh, wait. I don't have any goals. I'm not even sure why I go to the gym. I think I started going because gym membership was a free perk with my supplemental health insurance. Eventually, I had to start paying for the membership myself, but by then it had become a habit. You need good habits to offset the bad habits. When I go to the gym on Sunday I don't feel so bad about having French Toast smothered in Maple Syrup on Friday.

I learned a few things about Uber this afternoon. Apparently it costs more to ride in a nice car. There is a sliding price scale, based on the type of car you order. Leather seats cost more. Another article said that drivers who live in their cars often sleep in the airport cue areas because it is safe and they will be first in line for early morning flights. The strange thing about this story is that there are apparently homeless Uber drivers who live in their cars. Doesn't this job pay enough to rent an apartment? I thought this was supposed to be a good way to make money. Maybe I was wrong.

I also learned that those power banks that people often use to recharge their phones and tablets are frequently banned on airplanes. So are loose lithium ion batteries. They say these things are fire hazards. I have a power bank. No wonder I got such a good deal at REI. The model I bought has been recalled for spontaneously catching on fire. In fairness, I have a newer serial number than the faulty product mentioned in the article, but it is the same brand. I guess I'd better not try to take this thing on a plane.

They say we're going to get a lot of rain this week. When will this end? I have no idea where the leak in the sewer line is now because the entire yard is wet and muddy. I have no idea when the roof is going to start leaking again either. I'm trying to control the standing water, but it's an uphill battle. I could care less about Daylight Savings Time. What I'm looking for is some dry time.

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