Thursday, March 21, 2019

Day 3374

My goal is to accomplish at least one thing every day. It doesn't really matter what that thing is as long as it doesn't involve cleaning up dog poop. Today I defrosted the little refrigerator. I bought the little refrigerator when we were having problems with the big refrigerator. It was only meant to be temporary. Somehow, it has always remained full even though the big refrigerator was repaired months ago. I think these little refrigerators are meant for dorm rooms or vacation cabins. Very few of them have an automatic defrost cycle. You have to defrost them manually. At any rate, I should have put defrosting this thing on my to-do list several months ago. There was a massive amount of ice inside. I'm surprised the refrigerator still worked.

Mindless little tasks like this eat up my entire day. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just live in a hotel. You could eat in the hotel restaurant and the maid would clean up your room every day. The refrigerator is good to go for another several months, but of course the dog poop problem remains. I forgot to put a puppy pad under Dash while he was taking a nap on the bed this morning and he pooped while he was trying to get up. I had to clean Dash, clean his harness, and clean the blankets he soiled. We have a spare Help 'Em Up Harness for occasions like these. We have lots of spare dog blankets too. I never realized that a washing machine with a super hot sanitize setting would be so useful. I use this setting almost every day.

I wasted a lot of time last night trying to share yesterday's blog post to Facebook. Usually Facebook includes a preview picture with the link, but the preview picture refused to load. You know how I am about consistency. I wanted the link to look exactly like all the other links. It wasn't going to happen. The preview function was broken. I tried to approximate the look of the link manually, but it didn't look the same. Why did this even bother me? Probably for the same reason that the demise of Google+ bothers me. Writing the blog has become a part of my daily routine and I hate surprises. I missed Perry Mason last night because I kept trying to change the way I was sharing the link. Nothing worked. I should have known that it is futile to try to outwit Facebook.

I'm having trouble figuring out why Dash appears weaker too. He's still eating well. There have been no vestibular incidents in a long time. There are no obvious injuries. His last medical exam was actually very encouraging. Dash should be getting stronger, but he's not. That's the sad thing about aging. It's a one way street.

This week went quickly. Nothing really happened, but I was always busy. It takes so long to get small things done these days that I wonder how I used to get big things done. Where did I ever find the time to create ad campaigns, write lengthy annual reports, and design complex websites? These days making the bed can be a challenge.

I'm looking forward to going out for breakfast tomorrow morning. It's not that I'm all that hungry. I just need to get out of the house for a while.

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