Saturday, April 6, 2019

Day 3390

Lots of rain today. I picked a terrible time to go grocery shopping. It was overcast when I entered the store. When I was ready to leave, it was raining so hard I could hardly see my car. I got soaked taking the groceries to the car and the inside of the car got soaked when I was loading them inside. Driving home was a nightmare. The windshield wipers couldn't keep up with the rain and big trucks would send rooster tails of water cascading over your car whenever they passed you. Weather changes rapidly in Texas. If I had just waited two hours, I could have avoided the whole mess.

Luckily, the rain didn't start until about 10 AM so I was still able to give Dash his morning walk. He seemed a little stronger than yesterday, but he was still exhausted by the time we returned home. If we're lucky, Janet is still able to give Dash his morning meds before we leave for our walk, but our schedule has definitely changed. When Dash was younger he wanted breakfast as soon as he woke up. Lately, he won't touch his food until noon. He has trouble picking food out of his bowl, so we have to hand feed him now. At least he's still eating most of the time.

The art I had up for auction today failed to sell. There were no bids at all. I was definitely disappointed. I knew this work wouldn't do as well as some of the things I auctioned last Fall, but I did think it would sell. I always thought it was a lovely piece. Who knows what will happen now. Maybe it will wind up on my wall again.

Whenever we have a hard rain, I get worried about the roof leak. I don't trust the roof at all. I moved the furniture out of the way and got the buckets ready, but so far no water had come through the ceiling. One of the pumps seems to be clogged. Only a small amount of water was coming through the hose. The pumps clog easily at this time of year. The Oak and Elm trees are starting to bud and this means catkins are falling from the trees and littering the roof. These small cylindrical flower clusters are how Oak and many other trees pollinate and they are the perfect size to clog sump pumps.    The sticky yellow pollen also makes a mess of your car during the spring. You can add catkins to the list of things I hate.

Janet had an event to attend this evening, so it was up to me to get Dash to eat his dinner. I got him to take his evening meds by rolling the pills in little strips of ham, but we didn't do so well with dinner. He wouldn't touch his regular meal. This mix of chicken, rice and vegetables is healthy, well balanced, and quite tasty. I'd eat it myself. The only thing I could get Dash to eat tonight were two small ground beef patties. This isn't really enough, but maybe Janet will have better luck when she gets home. Our refrigerator is so full of things we use to try and keep Dash eating that there is hardly room for our own food anymore.

I think the rain is supposed to continue tomorrow. Maybe the forecast will change overnight. I've had enough of this rain. I"d like to walk Dash in the morning and then go to the gym. I'm not looking forward to driving in a downpour again.

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