Friday, April 26, 2019

Day 3410

The city is having one of their periodic expired medication disposal programs. I think they do this every year, but we always forget about it. This year we are determined to get rid of these old expired pills. I have some that date back to 1999. Most of the unused pills seem to be pain pills. Dentists seem to be the worse about overprescribing these things. When I've had a major dental procedure I might take one or two pain pills. I've never needed a thirty day supply. We filled a shoebox with unused medications. This probably doesn't count as housecleaning though. Pill bottles are small. We'll never notice that they're gone. Dash has a lot of unused medications too. His are still good though. We're going to find a rescue organization that might be able to use them.

I went out to breakfast earlier than usual this morning. There's no reason to wait until 10 AM anymore. I discovered that it's easy to get a table at the trendy restaurant if you go at 8 AM. The place was half empty. This seemed counterintuitive to me, but what do I know about the younger generation. Maybe they all like to eat breakfast late. I do like the Shrimp and Grits at this place. It's nice to know that it's possible to eat here without all the noise and confusion.

A three mile walk has become a regular part of my day. I can't say I really enjoy these solo walks, but I do think you need to stay active. I've certainly got plenty of time. It takes me just about an hour to walk three miles. This still leaves a lot of hours with nothing to do.

I cleared the remaining water off the roof this afternoon. There's more rain on the horizon, but keeping the water level low seems to be the key to avoiding roof leaks. One of the pumps was clogged again with debris from the Oak trees. When the catkins start falling in the Spring, they get sucked up by the pumps. I need to build some sort of cage to prevent this debris from reaching the pumps, but it seems like a lot of trouble. It's almost easier to just clean the pumps out after every rain.

Something bit me last night. The bite doesn't look like a mosquito or a chigger, so it was probably was a spider. I like Spring weather, but I definitely don't like the return of the insects. Since it was a mild Winter, we're seeing a lot of bugs. I'm finding a lot more ants, roaches, water bugs, and spiders than I saw last Winter. Oh, well. I guess we can spray again. I was always worried about insect sprays when the dogs were around.

It's already time to mow the grass again. That didn't take long. This might be the year I finally hire a lawn service. I'm really getting tired of pushing that mower. It's time to rake up all the Winter leaves too. I'm definitely getting someone else to do that. I need to find an activity that gives me pleasure. So far, sleeping seems to be the winner.

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