Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Day 3415

For almost as long as I can remember, the first of the month was the day we gave the dogs their heartworm pill. We've seen so many heartworm positive dogs in the rescue program over the years that we knew how important it was to treat our own dogs. It felt weird to skip this monthly ritual today. After thirty two years it was almost the way we measured time. Eventually I'll get used to a life without dogs. Not today though.

I hear thunder, but we still haven't seen much rain. There appears to be a huge storm to the North of us but it looks like we'll get lucky again. Unless the wind changes, the storm will be in Oklahoma soon. At the most, we'll just get a few showers. I hope this trend continues. I've been able to take my morning walk and run my errands without incident. I haven't even had to turn on the pumps yet.

Today's errands were minor. I had to go to the bank and then I took a thank you letter to the post office. Janet and I debated about who would write the letter since our handwriting skills have become so bad.  My handwriting turned out to be marginally better than hers, so I ended up writing the letter. There are very few occasions to write in cursive anymore. You kind of forget how to do it. My writing is still readable, but it certainly isn't very pretty. My sister has written the first draft for several books completely in longhand. Not me. It's so much easier to use the computer.

I'm trying to do at least one useful thing every day. Today I sorted through a huge pile of socks and threw away all the ones with a hole in the heel. When I was done I had filled a kitchen trash sack with socks, but I still had way too many. A lot of the remaining socks are brand new but I doubt that I'll wear them. I have trouble finding the right size. Medium adult socks often feel too small and large socks are almost always too big. My foot must be somewhere in between. It ought to be easier to find perfectly fitting shoes and socks. Why aren't all shoes available in different widths? A wide shoe is much more comfortable to me. You can't always find wide shoes. I don't like to shop either. I often just buy stuff without trying it on. I don't think you even can try on socks before you buy. No wonder I have so much stuff that doesn't fit.

The last White Pelican is still at the lake. The bird was sitting on a different log today, so at least it can move. I kind of identify with this straggler. All the other pelicans are probably in North Dakota by now. Did they leave this guy behind on purpose?  Birds can be pretty mean.  Maybe the pelican just felt no desire to migrate. It is a long way to fly and the lake is pretty nice. Who knows. A group of Quaker parrots decide to make the lake their permanent home a few years ago. Maybe this pelican will too.

I wonder if I can find something useful to do tomorrow. It definitely won't be counting socks. A two hour task sounds about right. Anything longer could seriously cut into a day of doing nothing.

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