Saturday, May 4, 2019

Day 3418

I'm no expert, but the Kentucky Derby results seemed all wrong. Maximum Security was clearly the best horse on the track. When a puddle on the muddy track forced him out of his lane momentarily, he didn't interfere with the performance of Country House at all. The only horse that was conceivably interfered with was War of Will who wasn't a contender anyway. This just seemed like another case of political correctness run amok. I'm sure that the stewards knew that Maximum Security was the best horse. They just didn't want to get mired in controversy by not following the letter of the law. Oh, well. That's life. I didn't like how the Super Bowl turned out either.

I've started watching old Westerns on TV while we eat breakfast on Saturday morning. My favorites are usually Maverick and Have Gun Will Travel. All these old shows seem like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood compared to the shows that are popular now. Even shows like The Twilight Zone, which was scary when I was a kid, were just simple morality plays about good and evil. Good usually won in these shows. Now, evil seems to win most of the time. The scripts for these old shows were surprisingly good. I'm sure the fact that everybody still read books back then had something to do with it. It's too bad that just about the only way you can re-visit the past is by watching an oldies channel on TV. I wish you could still visit grocery stores and car dealers from the 1950's and 60's. I miss model train stores too. Every city had them. Dallas had three stores devoted to model trains as recently as the 1970's. They are all gone now.

I walked 4.5 miles today. I wasn't tired after my three mile morning walk, so I took another shorter walk later in the day. I could have walked further, but it was late in the day and I wanted to get home before dark. If I learn to schedule things better, it wouldn't be that hard to walk six miles every day. Three miles in the morning and another three miles in the evening sounds like a plan. It won't happen tomorrow though. When I get home from the gym, I don't feel like walking at all.

I didn't stay up last night to watch the rescheduled Space X launch, but I did watch the replay on my computer this morning. I never tire of watching the Falcon 9 booster make a precision landing on the drone ship. Space X seems to have perfected so many aspects of space flight that they must be terribly disappointed that their Crew Dragon capsule exploded during a test recently. I wonder how long that's going to set them back?

It looks like we're going to have nice weather tomorrow. We got a little rain last night but it was all over before I woke up. Still no leaks in the roof. Knock on wood. There's a meteor shower in the early morning hours tomorrow. Shall I get up and watch it? I had no problem getting up at 3 AM when Dash was around. Now it's a little harder. We'll see. A good night's sleep is probably more important than seeing a few meteors.

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