Sunday, July 21, 2019

Day 3496

I think I've reached my limit. It basically takes me all day to take 20,000 steps. I'm certainly not walking all day, but I don't think I could go much further. I need to eat. I need to rest my feet. It doesn't hurt to take a nap between trips outside either. I see people at the gym and on my walks who are doing much more than I am, put most of them appear much younger. According to Mr. Fitbit 20,000 steps translates to over 9 miles. This isn't half bad for a 71 year old. I bet my Dad would have lived a few years longer if he'd done the same.

I was a lot better on the basketball court this morning. I still wonder about consistency, but I guess I am fairly consistent. Without a dog to wake me, I almost always get six and a half hours of sleep. I eat breakfast at 7:30 AM and dinner at 6:30 PM. I never eat lunch. I go out to eat on Friday mornings and to the gym on Sundays. If I could think of something unique to do on each day of the week, I probably would. It's nice to have a routine. The routine couldn't involve doing things with other people though. That would be way too complicated.

I went back to the grocery store on the way home from the gym. Even though I'd already stocked up for the week on Friday, there were still a few things I needed. The way Janet and I divide up shopping chores is that she always gets certain things and I get others. This never varies. I completely forget about Janet's groceries until they're gone. I imagine that I'll be going back to the store again.

When I was flipping through channels on the TV this morning, I noticed that CBS was gone. This is a big, basic channel to disappear, so I was wondering what was going on. It turns out that CBS is having a fight with AT&T about payment and decided to pull all their content off U-Verse until they get what they want. This seems kind of nasty but it makes you realize what a tangled web of conflicting interests the business world is. A lot of shows have disappeared from Netflix too because the owners of the shows decided to start their own streaming channels. It's a good thing I don't watch television very much or I would be mad.

When I was walking today, I noticed a Facebook friend sailing on the lake. I only recognized this guy because he is always posting pictures of his boat. An orange boat is easy to recognize. A lot of people take pictures in the park. I take pictures of flowers. Almost everybody else takes selfies. I still don't understand the whole concept of selfies. Why would you want to take a picture of yourself?

I'm going to miss all the space news now that the Apollo 11 celebrations are over. For a space geek like me it was kind of nice to have non-stop coverage of space related events. It was hard to go online or turn on the TV without discovering some new bit of trivia I didn't know before. I wish people would stay interested. I'm really hoping that someone will land on Mars while I'm still alive.

I'm going up to the Dalmatian kennels tomorrow to meet with some people who are thinking of adopting Jenga. Pongo got adopted today. I'm delighted that these dogs are finding homes so quickly but I'm going to miss them. There's already a new boy getting checked out at the vet. I don't even know what his name is yet, but I'm sure I'll be photographing him soon.

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