Monday, July 29, 2019

Day 3504

It's nice to have Janet back again. Nine days is a long time to to go without talking to anyone. Actually I did talk to a few people during the week. I talked to the couple who adopted Jenga. I talked to my friend who fixed the sculpture that the falling tree demolished. And I talked to the AT&T repairman. It still seemed like a pretty silent week though. Janet enjoyed her trip. I guess nine days in the Caribbean is more relaxing than nine days in Dallas.

I received the press proofs for my article in Spaceflight Magazine today. The article looked great and the editor told me that they liked my writing style and hoped that I will work with them again. He even told me that the magazine would help me get a press pass if I want to cover future launches. That was an easy question to answer. Yes I do. The magazine has already gone to press but I can't share the article until the issue is available to subscribers late next week. I'm sure you'll see it eventually. I can't resist sharing stuff like this.

I'm already thinking about what to do next. I'm wondering if an article about a 71 year old guy going to Space Camp would be interesting. It probably could be humorous as well. I'm no spring chicken. I need to check with my doctor first to see if being put in a centrifuge or a multi-axis trainer might kill me. Part of the training involves assembling things underwater using scuba gear in a neutral buoyancy tank as well. All of this is way outside my comfort zone, but if I stay in this zone indefinitely I'll never leave the house.

I actually did leave the house today. I went to Central Market to pick up the things that Janet always eats for breakfast and of course I went on my morning and evening walks. It's probably too late for sunblock, but I need to do something to save my skin. This sun is brutal. I probably should start walking much earlier, but if I don't eat breakfast early, I usually don't feel like eating at all. It's a tough choice. What I need at this point are more cloudy days.

I'm really striking out with the repair people. The tree guy told me that he'd hurt his back and wouldn't be able to cut trees again until September. The carpenter made an appointment to come over at 4:30 this afternoon, but he never showed up. True to form, it rained before the roofer showed up with the silicon coating he'd promised me. It wasn't a heavy rain this afternoon, but it would have been so much better if I'd been able to make the repairs last week.

Tomorrow we go back to our regular routines. No sandy beaches for Janet but I'll still have my smoothie.

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