Thursday, August 8, 2019

Day 3514

Today was not your typical day. We went downtown to see the Dior show this afternoon. It's been a long time since either of us has been downtown. The retrospective exhibit was enormous, taking over the entire Dallas Museum of Art with over 500 items on display. I guess fashion exhibits are popular with art museums now. This one has been sold out for months. The show is closing soon which is why we went to see what all the fuss was about. I'll have to admit that the show was very interesting. A lot has changed since the House of Dior was established in 1946, but a lot has stayed the same. Was this art or a cultural history? Probably both.

There was a big crowd this afternoon, but I only saw three other men. There were a lot of well dressed older women, including many using canes and walkers. This is probably why one of the docents kept telling people to be careful not to fall. Sure enough, within fifteen minutes one of the ladies tripped and fell into one of the exhibits. I remember that the museum had another exhibit featuring the work of Jean Paul Gaultier a few years ago. We went to that show too. Janet likes fashion and I used to be a fashion photographer, so it was an enjoyable afternoon.

When we got home I took my morning walk late in the afternoon. I just couldn't bring myself to skip walking altogether. I had to get at least 10,000 steps. After dinner we got an emergency call saying that Hank had been throwing up blood at the boarding kennel. Since Janet and I don't have other dogs now, it was decided that we would be best to watch him overnight and then take him to our vet first thing in the morning. Hank seemed perfectly normal when we arrived at the kennel, but it definitely looked like blood he'd thrown up earlier.

Hank has already been to the vet earlier this month with vomiting issues. It looks like we'll need to do more tests to see what is going on. On the ride home we quickly discovered that Hank doesn't like to ride in the car. He barked the entire way home. Once we got back to the house he calmed down quickly though. He's definitely a Dalmatian. It didn't take him five minutes to decide he wanted to sleep on the bed. That's fine with us. All our dogs have slept on the bed.

Hopefully, there's nothing seriously wrong with Hank. He is a very sweet dog. I think he's tired now because he's resting calmly on the bed with Janet. We'll keep an eye on him this evening and take him up to the Dalmatian Rescue vet in the morning. If something happens tonight, there a very good emergency vet nearby. We've been there often.

Neither of us expected to have a dog in the house again so soon. We're good with sick dogs though and know what to do. So far Hank seems fine. He probably enjoys being out of the kennel. If he throws up tonight it won't be the first time. We've had every type of dog mishap in this house that you can imagine.

Maybe this is our role for now. To just be there when a dog needs us. Hank is definitely a keeper, but we won't be keeping him. We just want to make sure he gets healthy and finds a good home. If he stays with us for a while, that's fine too.

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