Thursday, September 26, 2019

Day 3563

When I look back, it's amazing how similar my days are. Year after year I talk about the weather. I worry about roof leaks. I try to fix broken things around the house. I watch the latest crisis on TV while I'm eating breakfast. Every now and then something exciting happens. I guess I should be trying to eliminate the monotony and increase the excitement, but I'm not so sure. Often there's not much difference between excitement and sheer panic.

My days are uneventful now and that's OK. I loved having dogs around the house, but my strongest memories are of unexpected injuries, sickness, and middle of the night trips to the emergency room. Somehow, the sadness of losing a dog seems to linger a lot longer than the happiness of playing with a puppy.

It was always exciting to get a big new assignment during my working days. I was proud that I was able to build a successful company on my own. The exciting assignments always turned into stressful deadlines though. I always enjoyed getting new clients and new jobs. I just didn't enjoy doing them.

Sometimes I wake up thinking "what now?" I'm a clever guy. I could do just about anything, but I have no strong desires. Most of the things I've done in my past, I have no desire to repeat. I'm sure I'll apply to be a guest of NASA again. Watching a rocket launch is quite an experience. Once every year or two seems plenty though. Repeating anything too often ruins the magic.

There is a little magic in the idea of becoming a Star Party guide at McDonald Observatory. With so many volunteer opportunities right here in Dallas, I would have to get intrigued about one in a very remote part of the country. I'm definitely not going to buy an RV just so I can work for free in the middle of nowhere. The idea of volunteering for the observatory is still worth exploring though. Maybe they would let me stay in the astronomer's lodge.

I'll save future travel plans for another day. Tomorrow I've got to find a place to go to breakfast. Last week's choice was a disaster. I'm not going back there again. It's getting harder to keep these little Friday morning outings interesting. Like I said earlier, doing anything too often ruins the magic.

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