Monday, October 7, 2019

Day 3574

Treasure got her stitches out today. Hopefully she won't need to wear the cone of shame anymore. Nobody rides better in the car than Treasure. Some of the rescue dogs bark at everything and others won't stay still, but Treasure just sits quietly and looks out the window during the trip. She's curious about her surroundings, but never seems alarmed. I think she just likes car rides.

Charlie likes playing with a ball so much that we thought we'd see if he liked catching a Frisbee. He was good at chasing after the disc and caught it a few times, but he didn't want to give it back so we could throw it again. All he really wanted to do was chew it up. We'll have to work on this for a while. Maybe we can find an indestructible Frisbee. Hey, at least Charlie was interested. The Frisbee scared Jelly Bean and Hanks had no idea what to do with it.

All the dogs were in good spirits today. They're all getting healthier too. Hank is finally starting to gain weight and as soon as Jasmine finishes her heartworm treatment, she'll be good to go as well. There is a new group of dogs that are still being evaluated at the vet. A few have bad skin conditions like Sock did when he first entered the rescue program, but so far the vet hasn't found any serious problems. As soon as the new dogs have been spayed and neutered, they will join the others at the kennel.

Our long awaited cold front arrived last night. The temperature was still in the nineties when I finished dinner, but had dropped to seventy eight degrees by the time I went to bed. Some parts of town saw rain when the front passed through, but we stayed dry. This morning the weather really felt like Fall. It was crisp and cool with a light breeze and blue skies. The temperature was only sixty nine degrees at sunrise.

The weather stayed nice all day. I didn't take my five mile walk until later this afternoon because we were visiting with the dogs, but it was still very pleasant. This was the first time I wasn't drenched in sweat for a long time. I'm not sure how long this is going to last, but I'm calling today the first day of Fall.

If our cooler weather is here to stay, I'm going to need to call the carpenter and tell him to get started repairing the greenhouse. He didn't want to start the repairs during the hottest part of the Summer. That was fine by me because I wasn't ready to spend the money yet. I can't see any reason to delay things much further. The greenhouse is a wreck and it's time to get this fixed.

I wonder how long it's going to be before we need to use the furnace again. Sometimes it starts up just fine and other times I have to clean it first. It's always a guessing game. I used to have to call the HVAC guys every Fall to get the furnace running. Now I know to check the flame sensor first. If the flame sensor is dirty, the furnace won't light. I spent a fortune on needless repairs before a friendly technician showed me how to clean the furnace myself.

As usual, I have no plans for tomorrow. I'm busy planning imaginary trips to visit the darkest skies in America.

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