Saturday, October 12, 2019

Day 3579

When I was buying groceries this morning, the produce guy was putting out new strawberries. "These look terrible," I said. "Are you going to sell these?" The guy laughed. "They come from the grower like this," he told me. "Sometimes they're so bad we throw them away. Sometimes we use them for pies. People still buy these things though." At least the guy was honest. He helped me find a few good packages of berries and I continued my shopping.

You've got to be careful what you buy these days. Janet has taught me to always look at the expiration date. The freshest milk is often at the back of the display. I often buy stuff from the deli case because I don't like to cook. A lot of these easy to prepare items are made from things near their expiration date. Supermarkets hate to waste food.

It was a beautiful day but the roof still isn't dry enough to apply the coating that the roofers left me. I guess there's no hurry. I still can't figure out how to transfer the silicon from the big drum to small containers that I can carry to the roof. They make pump lids for five gallon containers, but these things are meant to pump liquids like motor oil and paint. The silicon liquid is so thick that it would quickly clog most of these pumps. I've started reading roofers forums on the Internet, hoping to get a few pointers. When roofers talk to other roofers most of them say that working with silicon is a disaster. Silicon is a natural release agent and won't adhere to anything except silicon. This is the problem I've been having since the beginning. The silicon won't stick to the roof.

It was cold last night. I slept under a blanket for the first time since last winter. Surprisingly, I slept very well. Maybe having the extra weight of a cover over you helps you sleep. Who knows. Cold weather changes a lot of things. The security light in the back yard stays on all night now. Apparently the light sensor doesn't work when temperatures are really high. It's weird hearing the furnace come on at night. It's also weird wearing a coat on my morning walks. I definitely need a coat when I left the house this morning, but after a few miles I felt warmer and tied the coat around my waist.

I've had my new storage warehouse almost a year now. The annual rent is due again in November. My plan was to get rid of a lot of stuff during the year so I could get a smaller space when it was time to renew. That didn't happen. My room is full and I really need a larger space. None of this stuff is all that important. I wish storage warehouses provide easy assess to a large dumpster. None of them do. They don't even let you use a trash can these days. It makes it hard to get rid of stuff.

I've looked at enough motorhome websites to realize that it will always be less expensive to just rent these things when I need them. Actually, I'd save money by renting everything. I just don't do that much. I'd even save money renting things I consider tools of the trade. How often do I actually use my cameras these days? Not that much. How often do I use my recording gear. Never. I just like gadgets. I like the idea of having something when I need it. Most stuff just gathers dust though. I do need a computer. That's something I use everyday. I'm using it right now.

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