Saturday, October 19, 2019

Day 3586

I met six new Dalmatians today. These new dogs were rescued from the same elderly breeder as the previous six that entered the rescue program. They are all wonderful dogs. It's been a while since we've had such a wide selection available for adoption at the same time. Like the previous group we rescued, these dogs are still a little nervous about their new surroundings. I don't think it will take long for them to relax. Their brothers and sisters will let them know that everything is fine.

In less than a month, the first six of these new rescues have undergone an amazing transformation. They are relaxed and playful now. They are all gaining weight and the ones who arrived with skin conditions are already looking much better. We introduced today's newcomers to some of the initial batch of six and it was clear that they already knew each other. Even the extremely shy ones perked up when they saw a familiar face. All these guys are dog friendly too. They grew up together and  are very used to being around other dogs.

Several people came to look at dogs while I was at the kennel today. It is almost certain that some of our newcomers will find their forever homes very soon. It is a good thing that there have been a lot of adoptions this year. It is very expensive to care for this many dogs. Heartworm treatments, dental care, spay and neuter procedures, prescription medicine, x-rays, food, and boarding expenses add up fast. I think most of the money we made at the golf tournament is already gone.

Before I left for the kennel, I filled the car with gas and ran a few errands. I didn't have time for my normal walk this morning, but I was able to walk three miles. The weather is still beautiful. It is rare to have temperatures in the sixties and seventies with clear blue skies in Dallas. I'd better enjoy things while I can. Fall doesn't last long here in Texas. I think the little circus in the park got lucky this year. Last year at this time they were underwater. This year they're enjoying some of the best weather we've had all year.

I'll check and see how well the roof is drying tomorrow. I'm going to have to make my repairs soon while the weather is good. I'd like to let things dry as long as I can and then apply the coating about three days before the next expected rain. The only trouble with this plan is that weather forecasts are often wrong. Maybe I ought to make the repairs tomorrow. If the weather still looks good in the morning, I think I'll wait until Monday. I'd rather go to the gym tomorrow than spill liquid silicon all over myself.

I haven't completely finished trimming the trees in the back yard, but my shoulder needs a rest. Yesterday was punishing. I could barely lift my camera this afternoon. The trees can wait a day or two as long as I don't miss the October bulky trash pickup day. Tomorrow looks like a good day to go to the gym, take a long nap, and get the new Dalmatian pictures edited and up on the website.

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