Sunday, December 15, 2019

Day 3643 - Blogiversary

I wonder why strawberry prices have doubled? They look exactly the same and they're still grown somewhere in Mexico. I usually don't even look at the price but a woman near me looked at the berries, told me they were way too expensive and put them back. I looked too. Yup, they actually were too expensive. It used to be that only gasoline changed price regularly. Now everything seems to fluctuate. I went ahead and bought the strawberries because they are an essential ingredient in my morning smoothies. I hope they don't become like peaches and disappear entirely during the winter.

I got most of the photography gear moved back to the storage warehouse this morning. I thought this might make the house look tidy again, but it really didn't change much. At least the house looks better than the storage warehouse. I know I need to do something about all this clutter, but I don't even know where to start. There is a reason why this stuff is being saved, but not a good reason. I still use the photo equipment from time to time, but I never use all the old computers and typewriters I've accumulated. Why is there a windsurfing board in the warehouse? Jeez. I'll never use this. With a bad shoulder, it would be insane to go windsurfing. I doubt that I'll ever use my old band's PA system again either. So much clutter. I just don't have the energy to deal with it.

I barely had the energy to take my walk today. Truthfully, going to the gym was plenty of exercise for one day, but I'm addicted to those steps. I wanted my 20,000 Fitbit steps and the only way to get them was to keep walking. At least it was a nice day. It was warm enough that I could wear shorts again. This won't last long unfortunately. Another cold front is on the way. They say temperatures could get down to freezing by tomorrow night.

McDonald Observatory just announced a new batch of Special Viewing Nights for the winter months. They say the chances of clear skies are higher in the winter, but I don't think I have the nerve to drive to West Texas when the weather could change for the worse overnight. I've seen too many videos of nasty snow storms that sweep across the plains and bring traffic to a crawl. I definitely don't want to find myself on an icy freeway surrounded by eighteen wheelers sliding off the road.

I heard that Hank got adopted this weekend. I'm glad I got a chance to see him again at one of the Santa Paws events. Janet and I will be visiting the dogs tomorrow, but I think Hank has already gone to his forever home. I'm hoping a few more dogs might find a home before Christmas as well. You never know. There are five new dogs in the program now, but they will be spending the holidays at the vet. It's quieter there. A boarding kennel can be pretty hectic during the holiday rush, so we'll get to know the new guys a little better after the first of the year.

I'm going to try to get started on my new article about the Artemis program tomorrow. It all depends on how much time we spend tish the dogs.

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