Thursday, December 26, 2019

Day 3654

I've given up on predicting the weather. I thought it was supposed to be warm and sunny, just like yesterday. Nope. I woke up to fog and noticeably cooler temperatures. It didn't warm up much as the day progressed and it may even rain tomorrow. Hmmm. This wasn't good news for my roof repair plans. I decided to go ahead anyway. The areas I was planning to patch were small, so even if the material didn't dry correctly, I wasn't going to waste a lot of silicon.

I went ahead and took my walk before going up on the roof, in hopes that it might get a little warmer. That didn't work either. It was kind of a dismal day, but at least it didn't rain. The reason I have so many repairs is that two years ago I applied a lot of silicon coating way too thin. I was trying to make the stuff go further, but I basically just wasted it. I learned later that this coating must be a very exact thickness to be effective. Applied too thick or too thin, it just doesn't work well. I know better now, but over time I'll probably have to re-coat everything I did two years ago.

I had no desire to leave the house today. I took my walk for the exercise, but the car never left the driveway. I balanced my checkbook, which is something I should do more often. It's hard to keep track of things after several months. I also made a halfhearted effort to straighten things around the house and then took a nap.

I always think I'm sleep deprived, but I'm probably getting plenty of sleep if you count naps. For some reason Fitbit only tracks sleep at night. I'm sure there's a good reason for this. The time I spend staring at my computer probably looks a lot like sleep to these tracking devices. I'm very still and don't move around much. How would Fitbit know the difference? It's weird. I'm fascinated with tracking my sleep, but have no interest at all in tracking my ancestors. A lot of friends have bought those or 23andMe DNA kits and don't even wear a Fitbit. To each his own I guess.

The refrigerator is starting to look pretty bare, but I still don't feel like going out for breakfast in the morning. I either need to get real creative with what's still here or go to the grocery store in the morning and restock the larder. They say that intermittent fasting is good for you, but I haven't been able to do that yet. Long, slow meals are the best way I know to kill time.

I wish I'd hear something about living arrangements at the observatory or press credentials from SpaceFlight Magazine. I know nothing is going to happen until the first of the year, but it's hard to be patient when everything's up in the air. Clearly I have too much time on my hands. I doubt that I'd even be thinking about these things if I was as busy as I used to be.

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