Monday, January 6, 2020

Day 3665

Today was a little discouraging. Everything seems to be in limbo. The magazine told me that I should reapply for NASA media credentials as a photographer instead of as a writer. Apparently they already have a writer covering the Solar Orbiter launch. Jeez. I wish I knew this two weeks ago. I'm not even sure that I can reapply, but I'll give it a shot.

I'm also having trouble connecting with the right people at the observatory. I still don't know how these on-site visits really work and if I can't come up with a place to stay while I'm on Mount Locke this whole experiment isn't going to work very well. These new development leave me feeling like an outsider. I hate feeling like I'm on the outside looking in. Life is much easier when you're an insider.

The day wasn't all bad though. Janet and I had an enjoyable time visiting with the rescue Dalmatians. The dogs seem happy and are doing well. Hank is having problems again though. Hopefully, our vet can bring him back to normal soon. The good news is that Treasure has finally found her forever home. I think her new family will be coming to pick her up tomorrow.

We were up at the kennel for quite a while, so I got a real late start on my walk today. I returned home in the dark again. It would have been easier to just forget the walk, but I'm determined to keep moving. I've managed to convince myself that this activity is keeping me healthy, so I guess that's reason enough to continue.  The problem with doing something every day like this is that it can get boring. I find these long walks essential, but I seldom look forward to them. The only time I really look forward to going on a long walk is when it allows me to postpone something else I'm trying to avoid.

I didn't order the Universe2Go viewer after all. I read some more reviews and now I'm thinking that the product is junk again. I shouldn't be making a big deal about this. The viewer is inexpensive and I'm sure it will provide a little entertainment regardless of how accurate it is. Would I even use this thing? Who knows. I took some trash out to the garbage can just before I went to bed last night and the sky looked beautiful. There wasn't as much light pollution as usual either. Did I pull up a lawn chair and look at the stars for a while? Nope. It felt cold and I was tired. I just went back inside and went to bed.

I guess I'll reapply for NASA media credentials tomorrow. This seems kind of futile to me, but the magazine says I have a better chance of getting approved as a photographer. What do I know? Maybe they're right.

Lake, the guy in today's picture, is still shy, but I got him to take treats out of my hand today. I think that's progress. I wish I could convince the shy Dalmatians that the world isn't really such a scary place. I might not be the best messenger though. I'm usually the one who thinks the world is a scary place.

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