Thursday, January 9, 2020

Day 3668

I thought I'd do what the tech-support guy told me to do yesterday, so I took my phone to an AT&T store and asked them to change the SIM card. The guy at the store said the SIM card had absolutely nothing to do with WiFi calling and tried his own solution instead. It didn't work, so he put a new SIM card in the phone. This didn't work either. He told me to call tech support and I told him that I already did and they told me to come here. We both gave up. When I got back home, I looked on the Internet and found out that hundreds of people were having the same problem. Some blamed AT&T. Some blamed Apple. And some blamed their network router. Nobody appeared to have a solution, although many claimed that this feature used to work. I have a feeling that in some future IOS upgrade the 'WiFi Calling' feature will just go away.

I wasn't really surprised that I wasn't able to solve this problem today. It was one of those gray, dismal days where nothing wants to go right. Even though the weather app on my phone said there would be no rain for the next hour, I knew I was going to get wet. I went on my walk anyway because you don't get many steps sitting at your desk and staring at a screen. At least it wasn't cold today and the rain was only a light mist. I think the really bad weather isn't supposed to start until tomorrow.

I wasn't feeling very productive today, so I wrote a letter to my sister and took it to the post office. I think the world would be a better place if we all wrote letters on paper, took pictures with film that had to be sent off to be developed, and went to a movie theater when we wanted to see a movie. Instant gratification is ruining everything. Nobody has any patience anymore. I may be wrong, but slowing the world down a bit seems like a good idea to me.

I practice what I preach and do almost everything slowly. It takes me most of the morning just to eat breakfast. Usually there is time for only one new activity each day. The one thing I can usually do quickly is go to sleep. Not last night unfortunately. Maybe I was worrying about my upcoming trip to the observatory. Maybe I was worried about catching the flu. Whatever it was, by brain wouldn't slow down. It was irritating. Eventually, I got to sleep, but I've been tired all day.

I hope the weather forecast improves overnight. Right now, everyone is predicting severe weather in the afternoon with straight line winds, large hail, and even the possibility of tornados. It doesn't sound good to me. Luckily, these forecasts are often wrong. Even if it doesn't rain, I doubt that I'll go out for breakfast in the morning. That ship has sailed.

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