Friday, December 25, 2009

Day 10 (Christmas Day)

Heard on the radio this morning that this is the first White Christmas Dallas has seen in over 80 years.  I've lived here a long time and I certainly have never seen another one. It was actually quite pretty outside. When we woke up this morning, the sky was clear and blue and a blanket of snow still covered the meadow behind our house. After opening gifts and giving our two dogs a walk in the snow, we went up to K-9 University to give each of the rescue Dalmatians a boiled chicken breast. This is their special treat every Thanksgiving and Christmas. They wolf down the cubed chunks of fresh chicken in about ten seconds and then look up at us like they are expecting more. The stray Dalmatians liked the snow too. What was left of it anyway. By the time we arrived at the kennels in Garland, most of the snow had already melted. Nevertheless, we had a real White Christmas.

Janet made a Crown Roast for Christmas Dinner while I installed a new printer for one of the computers. It's hard to believe that another year is almost over. With each passing year, it seems to take longer and longer to accomplish less and less. I don't know if the things I'm doing are growing more complicated, or if I'm just getting slower. Probably the latter. All I know is that I can never seem to get caught up on things anymore.

Janet leaves for Pittsburgh to visit her sister tomorrow.  She's making me a long list of things not to forget while she's gone.  Most things on the list involve dogs. Now I'm starting to understand why Google thinks my website is about dogs, even though it is supposed to be about my own business capabilities. If you made a list of what I do every day, it's pretty easy to come to the conclusion that most of my life actually is about dogs.

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