Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 50

After 50 days of blogging, it's probably about time for a "what have I learned so far" post. Truthfully, I wasn't expecting much when I started this experiment. I've always been a little skeptical of the social Internet and thought I could just ignore the phenomenal success of Facebook, Twitter and Digg. After all, I've had some sort of website on the Internet for over eleven years now. Wasn't that enough? Apparently not. I've been digging through my Google Analytics data lately and have been amazed to discover that this humble blog already gets about the same amount of traffic as the business domain I've had for over a decade.

Maybe writing something every day makes a difference. It certainly gives the search engines a lot of chances to find you. Maybe there are just more readers in the blogosphere now. Whatever the reasons, the figures don't lie. It's become apparent that the time has come for me to start taking social networking seriously.

I'm still not sure if we'll have dog class this evening. It's been raining off and on all day. Since obedient dogs and rainy weather don't seems to mix very well, I'll have to check the ABOTC website pretty soon to see if class has been canceled. Isn't it strange how quickly the world has adapted to the Internet as the source of all knowledge? I never use the Yellow Pages anymore. I'm not even using the telephone much either. I can't even remember the last time I went to the public library. Just about everything I need to know is just a quick Google search away. At any rate, if we do have class tonight, I'm going to see if Dash can move on to the advanced group. I think he's ready.

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