Friday, February 5, 2010

Day 52

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to discover that D Magazine had published a nice feature story about our upcoming Valentine's Day pet pictures in their new Sweet Charity blog. Hopefully things will go well tomorrow. I'm still charging camera batteries and getting all the equipment packed up for the shoot. It will probably take a couple of hours to build the set and get everything ready so, we plan to be at Unleashed by 9 AM. I've been doing location photography for a long time now, but with each passing year, the equipment seems to keep getting heavier. The photography itself is a piece of cake. It's packing the entire studio in the Land Rover that wears me out.

I'm glad it's Friday. Even though the weekends are busy, it's a different kind of busy. At least on the weekends I know what I'm doing. I had my last client meeting at 4 PM this afternoon and I'm still a bit confused. I learned a long time ago that my clients don't always know what they want. I typically have to make an educated guess about what I think they probably want and then hope the finished product is close enough that I won't have to do the job over. Maybe I'm wrong, but this project already has all the earmarks of a "do over" written all over it.

I swung by Central Market on the way home from my meeting and picked up some things for dinner at their Chef’s Case. There's always something delicious at Central Market whether you feel like cooking or not. I think I'd eat this way every night if it weren't so expensive.

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