Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 53

The Valentine's Day photo shoot at Unleashed went really well today. The turnout was much better than I expected, and it felt like I was taking pictures of dogs non-stop from the moment we took our first appointment at 11AM to the last picture was finished around 3:30 PM. Every one of our customers was very happy with their pictures and Unleashed said we were welcome back any time we wanted to do this again. Hopefully, everyone who had their dog's picture taken today will tell their friends and next Saturday's turnout will be even better.

Pet photography is pretty grueling, especially if you've got bad knees like I do. Dog don't stand still very long and I was continually kneeling and standing up again all day long to get the shot.  After about five hours of this you just want someone to carry you away in a stretcher. It was a good day though. The Great Danes and Rottweiler's didn't destroy the set and nobody peed on the backdrop.

I wish I could just leave all the gear in the car until the next time we do this for Dalmatian Rescue, but that will never work. I need to move the lights and backdrops back to the studio this weekend, so I can use them for work again. Our own dogs will be riding in the car tomorrow anyway. I'm too tired to put all the equipment away tonight though, so it's sitting in a big pile in the entryway.

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