Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 55

It certainly wasn't the best way to get the week started. More rain! When you're soaking wet, standing in four inches of standing water on top of your own roof, trying in vain to find the source of a roof leak, you have to drop all pretenses of being an advertising mogul. You're just another wet idiot who bought a mid-century modern house. Water leaks have become the bane of my existence. They're hard to find, almost impossible to repair and they return year after year just like the Swallows of Capistrano. I have two leaks now and I'll probably have more, since the rain just doesn't seem to want to quit.

The dogs drive me nuts on rainy days. Neither one of them likes to get wet and they both seem convinced that, since I can open doors and turn on light switches, I can also stop the rain.  I take them outside to do their business and they won't even go off the porch. They just give me this "make it stop" look and go back inside. After a while they get frantic, because they really do need to go. I put totally useless dog raincoats on each dog and we go take our regular walk. After everyone is totally soaked, the dogs poop and pee and we go home again to spent half an hour getting dry. We've been doing this over and over again ever since Christmas. I wish I could just train them to use the toilet.

One of my clients wants a virtual tour of their facility that they can play on their website. I received twenty-five e-mails with attached source material for the project this afternoon and not one of them was readable. There's got to be an easier way to make a living.

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