Saturday, March 27, 2010

Day 102

I'm exhausted. I started the day by taking Janet to the airport at 4:30 AM. Came home, ate breakfast, took Dot and Dash on their morning walk and then put all the equipment in the car and left for Unleashed around 9 AM to set up for the first day of our Easter photo shoot. It takes about an hour to put the set together and then we're ready for a day of non-stop dogs. We didn't have quite as big a turnout today as we did for Valentine's Day photos last month, but the crowd was steady and we stayed busy all day. A lot of people said they would bring their dogs tomorrow, so I have a feeling that we'll do just as well as we did before. The dogs were actually better behaved today, but that was probably because the park wasn't as crowded. On beautiful Spring weekends, a lot of people would rather be outside than than take their dogs to an indoor dog park. The park will be crowded soon enough though. Mild Spring weather never lasts long in Texas. Before long, everyone's air conditioner will go into overdrive, electric bills will double and it will be another long, hot Texas Summer.

Got an odd letter in the mail today. It was from a law office somewhere in Missouri saying that my Dad was a party to a class action lawsuit against A.G. Edwards. My Dad has been dead for ten years! Actually A.G. Edwards isn't around any more either, since it was taken over by Wells Fargo several years ago. This confirms what I have always thought about lawyers and class action suits. They are a total scam designed to make the lawyers rich. Somewhere near the end of the letter, there was an obscure paragraph explaining that the law firm sending the letter was to receive one third of the total judgement against A.G. Edwards. The lawyers share: 33 million dollars. My Dad's share, may he rest in peace: 12 dollars and fifty cents.

It looks like I've only got another week or two before I have to drag the lawn mower out of the greenhouse in the back yard and start mowing the grass again. This is one or the rites of Spring that I'm not that fond of. The odds are close to 100% that the lawn mower won't start and I'll have to lug it down to the lawn mower repair shop and pay them $130 to fix it. This happens every Spring like clockwork.  Eventually the lawn mower gets fixed, the grass starts growing and then the dogs race around and tear it up.

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