Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 110 - Easter

I remember when I was little, my parents would get us up real early and we would get in the car still in our pajamas and go to Easter sunrise service. We could get away with going to church in our pajamas because the sunrise service was actually held at a drive-in theater. The choir and preacher were up on the roof of a concessions building squarely in the middle of the drive-in. To hear the service you would roll down your window a bit and attach one of those speakers that were on poles next to every parking spot.

I wonder if drive-in theaters even exist anymore? I'm sure that Easter sunrise services still exist, but I haven't been to one in years. This morning I got up like I do every Sunday morning, walked Dot and Dash and then went up to K-9 University and walked the rescue Dalmatians. Instead of an easter egg hunt in the grass, I mowed the grass. This was the first time this year I had the lawn mower out and I was amazed that it even started. I've just about given up on having a decent looking lawn. I've put in a new St. Augustine turf four or five times, but it always gets overpowered by weeds. I don't like to use weed killers because Dot eats grass all the time and I don't want to poison her. When I mow the grass in the Summer I'm basically just mowing a bunch of weeds.  What the hell. The weeds are green, and it doesn't look bad from a distance.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday the park was filled with thousands of people riding bicycles. Today it was filled with thousands of families playing soccer, having Easter egg hunts and flying kites. One of the family picnics was so large that someone actually brought a moving van just to transport all the assorted tables, folding chairs and barbecue cookers. It's nice to see the park become a popular destination, but I do wish people would pick up their trash then they leave. The kids never find all the Easter candy from their egg hunts, but the dogs always manage to find what they leave behind. Since chocolate is dangerous for dogs, I need to stay on the lookout for chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs tomorrow morning.

I needed to stay on the lookout for changing flight schedules today as well. I always check the American Airlines website just before I leave for the airport in case a gate has changed or a flight has been delayed. When I went to pick up Janet this evening the website said that her plane would be twenty minutes early. When I got to the airport, it was actually thirty minutes late. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised. American Airlines is always late.

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  1. Happy easter my friend. I used to go to an early mass way back in my home country. Most of the time it started at 4 am but one time it started at 12 am. Hope your easter is fantastic...

  2. There are indeed still Sunrise Easter services. They are very popular here at the Jersey Shore, where they are held at the beach in several Shore towns.

    I don't think there are any drive-ins left in NJ, but I think there are one or two somewhere else in the country. I miss drive-in movies. Such fun for a kid. :)