Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 137

I'm amazed that I'm online at all this evening. Yesterday's computer problems seemed to get worse this morning. I was hoping it was just a software problem, but it seems that the power outage did manage to fry my logic board. Faced with a choice of going to the Apple store and paying $2500 for a new G-5, or going to the storage warehouse and seeing what I could cobble together from the computer graveyard I keep there, I naturally paid a visit to my storage space. Computers seldom wear out. They just become useless doorstops as technology continues to change. I could start a small museum with all the slow and obsolete computers I have gathering dust in the storeroom. Occasionally, this junk comes in handy though. With a few parts cannibalized from an old Apple cube and some other stuff I took out of a G-4 that I was using back in 2001, I managed to get everything working again.

It's embarrassing how old my office equipment is. I hate to go out and buy new computers though, because when I do, I will have to buy all new software as well. None of the software I currently use will run on one of those screaming fast new 8-core Intel Macs. I like my old software. I don't want to pay through the nose all over again for new versions of the exactly same thing. Anyway, the day I decide to buy a new G-5, Apple will release an even newer G-6 and immediately make my purchase obsolete.  It's happened before. That's why I have so many old computers in the storeroom.

I've got to figure out a way to keep Dot and Dash out of the poison ivy. It's everywhere this year. You can't see it either, since the city has designated large sections of the park as "native prairie" and doesn't mow anymore. I thought this first case would be mild and I wouldn't have to do anything, but the rash keeps getting worse. Looks like I'll have to take the prednisone short course again.

Yesterday, I thought I spent way too much money on the ceramic Dalmatians. Today, I wish I'd just bought them all. Too late now though. Janet stopped by the estate sale this afternoon and said that there was virtually nothing left.

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