Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 197

Today seemed a lot more enjoyable than yesterday. It was still raining outside. I still didn't have much luck getting input from my customers. About the only thing different about today was that instead of watching the financial news on CNBC while I was eating breakfast, I watched the Graham Norton Show instead. Maybe that made all the difference. I'll have to admit that I am getting pretty tired of hearing the same bad news everyday. Could the solution be as simple as just stopping listening to it?

When I was out running errands this afternoon, I stopped by a little neighborhood jewelry store where I used to take watches to be repaired. There were entirely new faces inside the store. Evidently the people I knew had sold the business recently. This was actually good news to me, because the previous owners weren't all that good at fixing things. I have plenty of broken watches, so I'll have to take something to these new guys next week and see if they're any good.

I didn't really think that we'd have our dog training class this evening because it was still raining a bit when it was time to leave. Janet said that nothing short of a hurricane could stop our teacher from showing up, so we loaded the dogs in the car and went to class anyway. Sure enough, Tom was there. The class was smaller than usual and the dogs were all wet, but we went through most of the normal exercises as if it was a sunny day. Some of the dogs actually seemed to enjoy the rain, but our dainty Dot wouldn't even do a basic sit and stay tonight. She doesn't like getting her butt wet.

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  1. Our prissy Maggie won't go outside when it's raining unless she's desperate. I like the smirk on today's dalmatian.