Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 202

It was hard to tell if it was a work day or a holiday today. Janet had the day off, so that made it feel like a holiday. On the other hand, one of my clients kept calling with website problems, so that made it feel like a work day. No mail delivery was the deciding factor. It must be a holiday.

Since K-9 University is usually closed on holidays, we went up and walked the rescue Dalmatians again this afternoon. We also cooked them each a boiled chicken breast, which has become their traditional holiday treat. The dogs loved the chicken and liked their walk as well. We used to go to a movie on days like this, but hanging out with the Dalmatians is really more enjoyable. This is probably the last time we'll see Kobe and LeBron, since they go to their new home in San Antonio later this week.

It's amazing how green things have gotten after just a few days of rain. All the yellowing prairie grass in the park has turned green again. Our yard is looking a lot better too. It was a good day to take advantage of the situation and do some yard work. I mowed the grass and trimmed a few bushes when we returned from K-9 University. All I need to do now is replace the dead grass where Dot practiced agility jumping last winter and the place will look great again.

I think I've got some more employee pictures to shoot tomorrow. I need to confirm the photo shoot first thing in the morning though, because I forgot to write down the details last week. Even if the photo shoot isn't tomorrow, it should still be a busy day. Everyone will be playing catch-up after the three day weekend.

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  1. Hi John- I couldn't tell what it was either. Of course I completely avoided all contact with places that scream holiday! I'm not a crowd lover, and I also had a headache all day. I read two books. Guess that makes it a holiday. Today, however, it's back to work... even if that work is just lots of computer stuff.

  2. I wanna get a goat, now. Not for me. You know, just for the dogs.