Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 250

Our Sunday dog walking program has grown so popular that we now have more people to walk dogs than we have dogs to walk. This is good for the dogs, because each of them gets a nice long walk. I didn't have a dog to walk today, so I tried to take some better pictures of Lance instead. Lance has been in the rescue program a long time now and I can't figure out why he hasn't been adopted yet. He's a friendly, good looking dog who seems to get along with everyone. Maybe he just needs a better picture.

Our own dogs just need some cooler weather. They still enjoy going to the Wagging Tail dog park on Sundays, but after a cursory run around the grounds, they're both ready to come home again. We spend more time driving to the park than we spend at the park. In a way, the long drive to the park is even more important than being there because it is getting Dash used to car travel. Now that he is starting to associate car travel with something pleasant at the end of the journey, he is much calmer and better behaved. You have to be patient with dogs. Maybe by next Summer he'll be ready for a trip down to the Gulf Coast.

The week ahead seems very similar to last week. There are several photo shoots and another birthday. This time it's Dot's turn to be the birthday girl. The dogs had so much fun going to Cafe Lago on Dash's birthday that we may go back again to celebrate Dot's birthday as well. On the other hand, I've heard that there's a new dog friendly restaurant on Lamar Street, so maybe we'll try that instead. I just hope the weather cools down a bit next week. The temperature hit a record high today in Dallas. And it's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow.

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  1. Lance is sure a handsome boy! I wonder why no one has taken him home?