Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 264

The park was filled with holiday picnickers today. I've spent so many years walking through this park with my dogs that I know every inch of it. Sometimes I feel like telling people "Hey, you're eating your lunch where all the snakes are." or "Your kids are going to have a real bad case of poison ivy in two or three days if they keep playing over there." I usually just mind my own business though and walk on by. Nobody would listen to me anyway. Everyone has their own ideas about the perfect place for a picnic. I guess if you spread your blanket right over the top of a fire ant mound, you'll learn to try somewhere else the next time.

Janet and I thought we'd try something else when we washed the dogs this week. We switched dogs. The theory was that maybe Dash would be better behaved with Janet. Nope. Same old bad Dash. He just hates a bath and it doesn't seem to matter who is bathing him. It is nice to have clean dogs though. Especially when they insist on sleeping on the bed with you.

I was tired all day. Probably I just didn't get enough sleep. I should learn to turn off the TV when I'm ready to go to bed. All too frequently, I'll start absentmindedly channel surfing instead and end up staying up even later. Last night I happened to find a Dr. Who marathon around midnight. I ended up watching three shows in a row. I'd seen these shows before, but they were good ones and I enjoyed watched them again. Sadly, I'm the same way with books. I'd probably do just fine with ten or twelve books. By the time I finished the tenth book, the first one would seem fresh and new again. My mind is kind of like a continuous tape loop that goes round-and-round recording something and then erasing it a little later. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though. My poor memory and short attention span have probably actually helped me in advertising. Even though clients come to me over and over again with essentially the same problem, it always seems new to me. You'll never become stale if you have to keep reinventing the wheel every time you do something.

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  1. I see people in the poison ivy a lot. I feel compelled to tell them, usually.