Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 274

Today was uneventful. Generally, I like uneventful. I paid my quarterly estimated income taxes. I updated several websites. I corresponded with clients about upcoming jobs and ongoing problems. Days like this are peaceful. I keep myself busy, but I seldom talk to anyone. When there are no emergencies or fires to put out, I usually have time to fix myself pancakes for breakfast, do a load or two of laundry and play with the dogs for a while in between my webmaster chores.

One odd thing happened today. When I was walking the dogs this morning, I started seeing swirling abstract colored shapes in my field of vision. I would close my eyes and the colors would still be there. I could see the dogs walking ahead of me, but it felt like someone had overlaid a second layer of stuff over what I was looking at. The sensation went away in about fifteen minutes, but it was a little unsettling. I hope I don't start having eye problems. There's certainly enough wrong with me already. My Dad had macular degeneration when he got older and that is certainly not anything to look forward to. Maybe it's nothing. I think my eyes were probably just tired. I used to have perfect vision, but years of staring at computer monitors have taken their toll.

Since we've missed our dog training class for two weeks in a row due to bad weather, I didn't think that Dot and Dash would do well tonight. Dot actually had a good night, but Dash wasn't all that obedient. He seldom is. Dash was too excited seeing all the other dogs again tonight to concentrate on anything. You'd think that both dogs would be perfectly trained after all these Wednesday classes, but Dash still doesn't even come when he's called half the time.

Maybe I can actually get caught up tomorrow. I'm getting closer and closer to catching up on all the unfinished jobs I'm working on. Who knows. I might have time to clean up the office a bit. I doubt that I'll have time to read a book, but that would be nice too. It seems like ages since I've found time to read a book.

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  1. Well, that eye thing sounds like a minor visual disturbance caused through a migraine. I get it like that when I've been under stress and am finding time to unwind. It is scary though, especially if you're driving.