Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 288

I'm absolutely terrible at packing. When Janet travels, she has all her clothes neatly laid out days in advance. I just throw stuff in a duffel bag at the last possible minute and hope for the best. When I arrive where I'm going, it's not uncommon for me to open my bag and discover that I've packed five dress shirts for a two day trip, but failed to bring any underwear. I forget toothbrushes so often that I could start a toothbrush collection with all the brushes I've bought at hotel gift stores. I think my favorite way of traveling is to take no luggage at all and just buy something to wear at the duty free shop when I arrive. Traveling without luggage is kind of frowned on these days though, so I guess I'll take a bag.

I can't believe how nice the Paypal people have been. Usually making travel arrangements is a giant hassle for me, since I don't have secretaries or assistants to take care of these things. This time, I didn't have to do anything. Such luxury! All I have to do is show up tomorrow. When I was telling Janet how nice the Paypal people were, she asked me what they were paying me to be in the ad campaign. Hmmm. I think the correct answer would be nothing. Nada. Zip. I tried to explain to her that ad agencies don't have to pay people like me to be in commercials anymore. We live in a world where everyone is clamoring for their thirty minutes of fame. Media exposure is like catnip and nobody can get enough of it these days.

I've seen other bloggers do fancy stuff like blog at 35,000 feet while they're on a plane, or blog from their mobile phone while they're in a cab. That's way too complicated for me at this point. I think I'll just post this a little early today instead. When I was looking through the watch drawer for a watch of the day to photograph, I did manage to find one with a picture of an airplane on it. It's even the same airline as I'm flying on too. That's probably about as cool as I can manage. I will try to figure out how to include some pictures from the photo shoot tomorrow. That ought to be easy. Oh, wait.... The iPad doesn't have a camera. Now I've got to figure out how to move pictures from the iPhone to the iPad without syncing to a computer with iTunes. I wish Apple had just put a camera in the iPad.

Wish me luck. I hope I don't end up looking like a dork in the ads.

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  1. It sounds quite interesting. You'll have to tell us all!