Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 304

I was a busy bee today. I got an assortment of poster and postcard layouts approved and ready to go to the printers on Monday. I launched a new mini-website for the November Pet Fair celebration. I also got the Epson 4000 working just long enough to print out enough posters to hang in nearby store windows when we do the Halloween pictures next week. This print run was so frustrating that after I finally got the posters printed, I drove up to Imaging Spectrum to price a replacement printer. I wish I could replace all my equipment, but it's just too expensive. Unfortunately, I need the equipment mostly for pro bono work that I give away for free.

I probably will get a new camera this year. Unlike the large format printer, the camera equipment pays for itself. I'm looking at the new Olympus E-5. Although most commercial photographers seem to prefer Canon or Nikon, I really like Olympus cameras. I used Olympus OM series cameras back in the days of film, and I still use the lenses from those cameras on my E-3 today. Olympus makes fabulous lenses.

Every year, Janet and I say we're going to go to the State Fair of Texas and then typically, we get busy and never go. If we're going to go this year, it will have to be this weekend. The Fair is just about over and I think this is the last chance we'll get. It looks like the weather is going to be great this weekend, so maybe we'll go. I think the Artist's Studio Tour is this weekend too. There'll be plenty to do.

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  1. hey, i love the watch! i remember the watch i gave to my daughter long time ago, a big faced-smiley like this one you have :) did you really wear this one?

  2. Sure! I wear them all from time-to-time. This is a cheap watch, but it's kind of fun. The little upside down smiley face is actually a second hand and it rotates around the dial.