Saturday, October 23, 2010

Day 312

I'm tired. We couldn't have picked a worse day to take pet pictures. When I woke up, it was raining, and it really never stopped. I hauled all the pumpkins and photo equipment up to the Three Dog Bakery anyway and hoped for the best. A few folks stopped by in the morning with their dogs, but the darker the skies got, the fewer customers we had.

At one point, I looked outside at some very ominous looking clouds and then we heard the tornado warning sirens. When I looked at the weather radar on my iPad, I discovered we were right in the path of an approaching tornado. We took down the large banner we had outside in a hurry so it wouldn't get blown away and that was pretty much the end of our Halloween event. I think we all spend more on gas getting to the location than we made selling pictures. Roxie was real cute as a witch though.

I'm not sure that doing pet pictures is going to work as a fundraiser anymore. When we were doing these photo events at Unleashed, there were lots and lots of people with dogs at the dog park anyway, so we had a great walk up business from people who saw what we were doing and got interested in having their dogs picture taken while they were there. Without the huge indoor dog park as a source of traffic, it's been hard to find a location where lots of people routinely bring their dogs. Ironically, the empty building we were using as a location today also went out of business about the same time as Unleashed for very similar reasons. The banks weren't lending money and they couldn't get the bridge loan they needed. In case any of you are wondering what ever happened to the fabulous Unleashed building after they went bankrupt. It got bought by the Dallas School District with stimulus money and is being used to park school buses. It's sad.

Hopefully, the rain will stop by tomorrow. We've got new Dalmatians to walk and a very messy house to clean. I'm not going to let days like this get me down, but I do think I'll wait till tomorrow to put all the equipment away.

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  1. Well, Roxie IS very cute, but I suppose Roxie alone won't pay the plumbers! Too bad. We are supposed to get 3-4 days of solid rain here now. I got in a bike ride before it started, but we've suddenly hit fall weather with a bang.