Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 337

I got up early this morning so I could walk the dogs before Marty came over from Dunrite Services to fix the furnace. Marty has been over to the house half a dozen times before, but Dot still barks at him like a TSA employee who has just spotted someone on the no-fly list. Dash didn't even bother to get off the bed, but Dot acted like the sky was falling during the entire two hour service call. Luckily, most of the repair people I use like dogs, because if they didn't, they would probably never come back again.

After the furnace was working properly again, I drove over to Garland Animal Control to pick up another stray Dalmatian. This is the second one the Garland pound has found in less than two weeks. This little guy was timid and a bit small for an adult dog, but he was very sweet. We named him Alvin. After I spent a little time with him, he warmed up considerably. By the time I took him over to Dr. Campbell's offices for his medical evaluation, we were the best of friends.'

Rescuing Alvin and getting the furnace fixed ate up a big chunk of my day, so by the time I sat down at the computer to begin my work, I was way behind on everything. I did manage to get several minor website updates finished, but the rest will have to wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow is also a good time to start getting all the equipment ready for this Saturday's Santa Paws photo shoot. This is going to be a busy one. It already looks like we're going to have a great crowd and I think that appointments are already booked at fifteen minute intervals for most of the day.

The cold front that arrived yesterday keeps getting colder. None of the dogs did well at obedience class tonight. Some of the dogs seemed excited by the colder weather, and others like Dot and Dash, just wanted to get back inside again. Dot, always the prima donna, was the only dog to wear a coat to class tonight. Pretty soon, even the German Shepard's will be wearing their dog coats though. Winter is definitely on the way.

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  1. He looks so said behind the bars... Hope he finds a home soon. Cold in Texas? Try Michigan, brother!