Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 366

I feel a lot better today. I'm almost back to my old self again. It's still surprising to me when a doctor delivers exactly what they promised. Too many times you try something your doctor suggests and end up feeling worse than you did before. At least this guy didn't just give me another pill to take. I'm tired of all these pills. Every time I listen to one of those pharmaceutical company commercials on TV and hear the legal disclaimer at the end telling people that the pill can cause everything from hair loss to sudden death, I wonder why we've grown to depend on pills so much. I'll take a guy with a space-age laser any day of the week.

Gremlins are getting into some of the older websites I've designed. Increasingly, I'm discovering that things I designed five years ago just don't look right in modern browsers. I had to re-code something today that looked good several months ago, but now looks horrible when viewed using the latest version of Firefox. Luckiy, I was able to fix the problem, but looking at what I'd done before made me realize that I was a pretty sloppy designer five years ago. Live and learn I guess. By the time I bring my current crop of mistakes up to code, I imagine that the web will have morphed into something entirely different again.

I got a call on my cell phone today and it startled me. I get so few calls on this phone that at first I thought the ring tone noise was the sound the phone makes when the battery is fully charged. It's still hard for me to wrap my head around the idea that phones are for incoming messages too. I mostly just use them for outgoing messages. Truthfully, I mostly just use my iPhone to take pictures with. It's got a great little camera.

Now that I'm getting more familiar with Facebook, I'm starting to wonder whether it's rude to ignore game requests. I really don't have the time to play those Facebook games, but I'm starting to get a lot of requests. I don't even know what half of them mean, but usually they have something to do with Farmville. Hey, don't be offended if I don't play Farmville with you. I've still got watches to photograph.

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  1. There is nothing rude about ignoring game requests. I've ignored thousands. If anything is rude, it is sending out thousands of game requests.

  2. I play NO games on Facebook. I'm sure I would become addicted to Farmville if I started, and if I'm going to feed an addiction I would rather it be a different one. In fact I do very little on Facebook. Mostly I try to act as if I want to stay connected with people. (check in only every few days) I'm essentially a hermit, with a real, but low, need to keep in touch with a very few people.

  3. I'm in agreement with Aldon. Not only do I ignore them, but when a new one crops up, I block it so that others that want to play that game won't be able to bombard me with invitations.