Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day 378

It was a cold rainy day, so I did cold, rainy day things today. Mostly this involved cleaning mud off the dogs. When I let them outside, they would spend ten seconds racing to the back fence to bark at something only they could see on the other side. Then they would immediately come inside again where I would spend ten minutes cleaning the mud off their paws. This scenario would repeat every few hours.

I lingered over breakfast to make the day seem shorter, but that didn't work very well. It was still raining when I finished. Since work projects are more or less wrapped up for the year, I was forced to do things I try to avoid. I attacked a pile of receipts gathering dust on the side of my desk and balanced my checkbook. I folded dog blankets and finally got them to fit inside the dog blanket cabinet. I did a load of laundry. Real exciting stuff.

I noticed yesterday that someone finally donated to help the Dalmatians using the Paypal donation tool on the blog. A big thank you to Kimberly wherever you are! Some people told me this would never work on a blog, but I think a lot of things just take time. On a different note, people are also finally starting to purchase my photos on iStockphoto. These small rays of hope make me wonder if it might be time to try publishing the blog on Kindle. I know some bloggers are already doing this. Others think the idea is ridiculous. Personally, I can't imagine making any money publishing the blog on Kindle. Especially since Amazon take 70% of anything you might make. I might do it anyway though. It would be so cool to be sitting in an airport waiting for a plane someday and notice that someone was reading my blog on their Kindle.

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  1. I have been hiking a local trail and seen people with my getoffthecouch.info maps in their hands. It is cool! (not done through Kindle... just similar idea)