Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 129

I wish I could find a store that carried authentic fixtures for Mid-Century Modern homes. Just some simple things like faucets, light fixtures and hinges would be nice. Every time I need to fix something around the house, it gets harder and harder to find the appropriate part. There all sorts of everyday items like lighting fixtures, floor tiles, cabinet hinges and door knobs that architects loved to use in the 1950's and 60's which are impossible to find today. I saw these items in hardware stores right up through the late 1980's, but they are gone now. These days it's easier to restore a 200 year old home than something an architect designed in 1955. I needed to fix a can light fixture that had burned out in the kitchen this morning. Ordinarily, you would just run down to the nearest Home Depot and buy a new can light. Today's can lights are all about an inch wider than the ones in my ceiling, so I need to disassemble everything and replace the component parts instead. I finally got the light working again, but it took most of the morning.

I spent the afternoon adding photos of newly available dogs and cats to one of the animal rescue websites I maintain. Even though I've been working with rescue groups for many years, it still amazes me that people can abandon an animal so casually. No matter how effective you are in finding homes for these animals, there is always a steady stream of new arrivals. Most of the dogs I see in adoption programs are friendly, well mannered and would make wonderful pets. You just wonder why someone dumped them in the first place.

I worked on the promotional poster for the upcoming Mother's Day pet photo event this evening with Dot. She's a great little model. You can dress her up, put glasses on her, do just about anything and she just sits there calmly. If only people were this easy to photograph.

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