Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 297

I got a lot done today. The Pet Fair poster is not only finished, it has already been approved. Most of the websites I manage are finally up-to-date again. I even found time to write some testimonial quotes for the Paypal folks. The office still looks like it received a direct hit from a passing tornado, but I'm getting used to that. It would be nice if I had a tidy office and a tidy life, but I can barely keep up with everything as it is.

I did find time to go to the reception for my architecture school classmates after work. I don't know why I bothered though. What's the point in going to a cocktail party when you can't drink? It's depressing to have a glass of bottled water in your hand when everyone else is drinking wine. I did manage to say hello to a few of my old classmates, but there weren't that many people I knew at the party. Events like these used to draw a big crowd when we were all just out of school, but nobody has the time anymore. I still go to just about anything I'm invited to however. What the hell. I talk to dogs all day. It's nice to have an opportunity to talk to people occasionally.

When I stopped at Central Market on the way home to pick up dinner, I had another chance to talk to someone I knew. Terri Stone, my sculptor friend, was right ahead of me in line at the deli counter. Terri reminded me that she was on the Fall studio tour this year and I promised that I'd stop by and see her new work next week. I have a couple of Terri's steel sculptures in my back yard, but I doubt that I could afford her work anymore. I'm glad her sculpture has gotten pricey though. It's not easy making your living as a fine artist and it's always nice to see someone succeed.

Since Halloween is only a few weeks away I thought I'd show you guys some Dalmatians in costumes. Today, we have Dot as Cruella de Vil.

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