Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 347

Since I didn't need to print any posters for clients this week, I decided to just make one up today and print a few to keep the printer from clogging. This is Roxy, one of my favorite Dalmatians. Her owners have taken her to just about every holiday photo shoot I've done so far and I always enjoy photographing her.

After I made sure the printer was working properly, I went over to East Lake Pet Orphanage to say good-bye to the goat. Officially, the goat and his friends left the building last week, but unofficially the famous animal trio actually went to their new home today. The media just can't get enough of this story. I thought the goat's departure today would be a quiet event since it had already been announced at a big celebration earlier this month. I was wrong. When I arrived at the building, there were two television news crews covering every bleat the goat made.

I was wrong about Facebook too. After years of telling people that I had no interest in Facebook, I am a little chagrined to admit that I've already become quite fond of it. I think I understand now why Facebook is so popular. You get this nice, fuzzy feeling of being connected to other people without ever having to do anything with them. Instead of going through the agony of rescheduling lunch week-after-week, just so you can say hello to someone you used to work with, you can just go to their Facebook page and click on a few Like buttons instead. Facebook is definitely friendship for lazy people. I'm discovering there are several kinds of Facebook users as well. There is the kind who agonizes over whether they know you well enough to let you into their circle of friends. And then there is the other kind, who routinely becomes friends with everything from traffic signs to dead cats. I probably fall into the latter category. Hey, if I can remember your name, you're a friend of mine.

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