Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 389

We went to a friend's wedding today. I used to go to a lot of weddings. Then a lot of people got divorced. Then some of these people got remarried again and had much simpler weddings. Now the weddings are mostly for people I originally remember as small children. It's amazing how quickly someone can go from having a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese to walking down the aisle.

These first weddings are the best. Everyone is young and full of dreams. You can tell by the look in their eyes that they still believe anything is possible. I wish this young couple the very best. Maybe they will be smarter and wiser than most of us. I don't know how much it will count in the grand scheme of things, but they certainly knew how to plan a reception. The reception was held at the Dallas Women's Museum. For years and years this building was a dusty, empty warehouse that was used to store equipment for the State Fair of Texas. Then it was transformed into one of the most dramatic interior spaces in the country. I've always thought this building was absolutely beautiful.

The building looked almost as radiant as the bride tonight. Instead of the traditional "This is your life" slideshow, the couple had their pictures displayed on the museum's giant video wall. Instead of a wedding cake there was a big pyramid of individual pastries that was shaped like a cake. It was all very edgy in a nice sort of way. I think Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum would have approved. Some things never change though. People still danced to songs like Louie Louie and Twist and Shout. I noticed that nobody was actually doing the Twist while Twist and Shout was playing however. Most of the people on the dance floor weren't even born when the song first appeared.

While we were driving home from the reception, we heard on the radio that it is supposed to snow tomorrow. That's hard to believe. It was 65 degrees outside today.

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  1. The reception does sound like fun. I try to avoid weddings if at all possible. Don't like 'em, never have.

    However, I do like snow. We now have over a foot on the ground!